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placemats available in 15” rounds and 17” x 14” ellipse


              all colors shown with latte

                    hilines paprila round                                                           hilines sky ellipse

        hilines chinese blue                                      hilines navy                                   hilines paprika

            hilines shimmer                                     hilines straw                                    hilines syrah

              hilines saxon green                                   hilines sky

          Tangier Chinese blue                               tangier navy                                 tangier paprika

          tangier shimmer                        tangier straw                           tangier syrah

                                 tangier saxon green                              tangier sky


                     round ikat                                                          elipse ikat

               ikat chinese blue                                       ikat navy                                              ikat paprika

                    ikat latte                                    ikat lime & sky                                    ikat straw

                 ikat syrah                                     ikat saxon green                                     ikat sky

        holly’s key chinese blue                             holly’s key navy                               holly’s key paprika

            holly’s key latte                                   holly’s key lime                               holly’s key straw

             holly’s key syrah                          holly’s key saxon green                            holly’s key sky



                                                        all colors shown with latte

      holly’s key

     holly’s key round                                   holly’s key ellipse